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How the body works depends on the proper function of all its parts.
  • Every young and growing body has a more crucial need for the right nutrition for proper growth and development: physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • The early years are the foundation and the building blocks for the future.
  • For every age group, cells require nutrient support for proper function and survival.

Healthy cells create healthy tissues that create healthy organs, glands and bones that create healthy systems that make up a healthy functioning body.

Food choices today are not of the nutritious variety. Nutrition and food are simply not the same thing. Essential nutrients include food form macronutrients and micronutrients that include: vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and glyconutrients. With these essential nutrients missing from our food sources, it has become necessary to provide the body with appropriate and proper nutritional supplements.

Deficiencies in various essential micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) for developing youth may be evident in the following:
Damage to cellular DNA
Dysfunctional DNA and RNA Synthesis
Impaired Healing
Increase in Toxic Build Up
Improper Blood Sugar Regulation
Brain Dysfunction
Poor Red Blood Cell Formation
Improper Immune Function
Poor Nerve and Muscle Function
Weakening of Bones and Teeth
Improper Metabolism
Improper Nervous System Function
Improper Hormonal Functions
Improper Nutrient Utilization
Improper cell growth and cellular reproduction during periods of rapid growth and development
Everyday symptoms, illnesses and results include: genetic disorders, depression, add/adhd, cancer, diabetes, asthma, allergies, broken bones, skin rashes, poor energy, poor sleep patterns, learning challenges, early puberty, accelerated growth, poor attention span, mental 'fog', frequent colds and infections and more.
Deficiencies in the macronutrients of Glyconutrients for developing youth include:
Poorly Functioning Immune System
Excess Lung Infections
Improper Blood Glucose Regulation
Lung Injury from Bacteria & Viruses
Poorly Functioning Growth Hormones
Increase in oxidative stress
Increases in Cellular Damage Depletion of Healthy Bacteria and Flora in Digestive Tract
Everyday symptoms, illnesses and results include: asthma, allergies, bronchitis, skin problems, cancers, weight challenges, add/adhd, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, moods, attitudes, body temperature imbalance, mental 'fog'.
  1. Read through this website then find the resources of interest to you for more information.
2. Ask questions: Connect with your Nutritional Advisor or Wellness Associate.
Or you can reach a Manna Garden Nutritional Advisor.
3. Get Started: Set up an appointment by phone or in person.
4. Order Necessary Materials: Program book; Guidebook; Forms and Selected Nutritional Supplements
5. Don't ever quit! Cellular health changes within 4-6 months - therefore, our program runs for 4-6 months. Cost can start under $50 and run approximately $40 - $130 each month per individual. After 6 months, you will be better informed and knowledgeable of the nutritional support that benefits you and your family. The strategies you will have acquired in the program will stay with you and the nutritional support will continue to be available as you see fit.
Your Children are counting on You to take care of Them!
Coming Soon!
All of these items are currently in production:
Educational Curriculum Kits for Classroom Teachers, School and Family Counselors, Health Advisors, Community Support Groups, Medical and Health Care Professionals
+ Nutrition and Physiology Educational Kits Appropriate for All Age Groups.
+ Written Instruction, Charts, Pictures, Easy to Follow Explanations, Educational Materials
+ Take Home Materials for Students, Clients and Patients

Children's Story Books: The different stories used in SHugar Lady™'s skits explaining essential nutrients and how the body works.
Children's Activity Books: A variety of puzzles, games and activities to learn about the body and the essential nutrients and components included in the program.
Specialty Gift Baskets for New Mothers and Children
Educational Videos on Health for Children
Support and Promotional SHugar Lady™ Products
Informational Brochure
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